Fundamentals of Management. Stephen P. Robbins, David A. DeCenzo


The Resource Center is based on PUCCU's library. It was founded by Professor Claire Bouley, Candida Johnson, Professor of Business Administration and Internationl Business Learning Communities Project Director, and Varvara Chernukha, a Docent at PUCCU, as an NGO Association of the city of Poltava.

The objectives of the Resource Center are:
- to help the students and post-graduates get a deeper knowledge of English and their major;
- to assist students in gaining better undestanding of themselves.

The tasks of the Resource Center are:
- to motivate students, post-graduates, teachers to hone English language skills;
- to integrate language skills into the in-depth study of their majors;
- to enrich the Resource Center with new books, reference books, CD disks, video tapes, periodicals and fiction;
- to support the connection with: Holyoke Community College, which is a partner of PUCCU; the Kyiv Alumni Resource Center; and TESOL which is an association of teachers of English;
- to provide the information about international conferences, seminars, summer schools in English, and other opportunities. Professor Melinda Messick in the Resource Center

The Resources of the Center are:
- literature on Management, Marketing, International Business, Global Business, Economics, and the like;
- periodicals: Newsweek, Business Week, National Geographics, Time, Audubon, Smithsonian;
- CD disks;
- video tapes, dictionaries;
- encyclopedia;
- the Internet.

Each summer International Management students have the opportunity to enjoy the English language practicum using the Internet, all the assets of the Resource Center and precious help from American professors from Holyoke Community College. You may view the materials and pictures of practicum here.

Consant visitors of the Resource Center include: students, faculty, post-grads and business faculty studying English.

So if you feel that English is your "cup of tea", visit PUCCU's Resource Center, Room 436.

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