Learning Community

The modern environment has new demands for professionals of the 21st century. One of such requirements is English language skills. Melinda Messick and Candida Johnson with International Management students That is why Learning Community Strategy is actively implemented at PUCCU with International Management students. It suggests doing one integrated Management course in English and Ukrainian languages simultaneously. It is paid special attention at our University. We have opportunity to study the same Management field at the lectures and seminars in Ukrainian and then having class discussions on certain Management topic in English. Such strategy strengthens our professional knowledge base and it builds up our professional vocabulary. While studying with the Learning Community Strategy, we actively use the Internet, do on-line tests and quizes and read English books and periodicals.
The advantages of this strategy are:
- developing our analytical and critical thinking skills;
- acquiring professional knowledge;
- exploring how different disciplines relate to each other;
- setting stretch goals;
- inviting students to go an extra mile;
- improving language skills;
- developing a sense of community with other students and faculty;
- making learning process more interesting and challenging.

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