English Practicum

Our University Language Practicum prides itself on offering the latest materials on the real world of Management. The students of PUCCU are very lucky to have the American professors from Holyoke Community College and attend their lectures and seminars. International Management students in the Internet Lab with professor Melinda Messick

The following classes have been implemented:
- Writing an argumentative essay, a resume, a cover letter and a research paper by Professor Brigitte Kahnert;
- Lectures in International Economics by Dr. Christiansen
- Web CT for taking courses offered online by HCC by Melinda Messick, Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems;
- Job interview process by Professors Claire Bouley and Candida Johnson;
- Exploring issues of the English language, English literature, society and culture by Dr. Dutcher;

During such practicums we learn how to use the Internet as a tool in studying Management in English. We are given tasks to do the research on-line on some of the topics: Company Profile, examples of Resumes and Cover Letters, Job Hunting, Interviewing and so on. You may see some of the materials used and developed by us here. International Management students after the job interview with professor Claire Bouley

We are encouraged to use the periodicals in English, CDs and text-books. The help of American professors is also there. Such learning strategy does not only giveThe Internet Lab a solid knowledge of Management, but also improves communication skills, English language skills, promotes professional and personal growth. We learn how to be collaborative, enhance team-work abilities and polish our PowerPoint presentation skills.

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