Poltava University of Consumer Cooperatives in Ukraine (PUCCU) is one of the best educational establishments in Poltava. Founded 40 years ago it now accounts about 4000 students. PUCCU has the following departments:
- Management and Economics
- Accounting and Audit
- Finance
- Technological Department
Students study full time as well as do distance learning with PUCCU in the following spheres:
- Marketing
- Management
- International Economics
- Accounting
- Economics and so on.

PUCCU is famous for its wonderful resources: it has e-library, where students can search intranet to find necessary literature. The other thing the University is proud of is its Resource Center. Go to Resource Center link if you want to find out more about it and its resources. The head of the Resource Center is Associate Professor Varvara Chernukha. It was she who inspired the founders of the site to create WORKAHOLIC. The purpose of the site is to share the ways of learning Business English among students and scholars.

Here is the brief outline of the site.

The Management link is devoted to all students studying this science. It includes Theory on different Management fields, Case Studies with the examples of different companies to be studied and discussed as well as Useful Links section which includes links to other Management and Business sites.

The Careers link is created for those who are searching the job or study opportunities in Ukraine as well as outside of it. This section gives you information how to prepare Job Package including cover letter and CV, it may take you to other sites where you might read about job openings and post your resume. If you are considering an idea of going abroad, we have chosen the most popular sites for you in Programs section.

The Photo Gallery includes the pictures of Management students and University life.

We do hope that you find our site enjoyable, useful and informative. We would appreciate your comments and thoughts. Feel free to contact us with any ideas and considerations. Thank you for visiting WORKAHOLIC