Are you still looking for a job? You don't know where to start? We have created the Career page to help you in your job seeking process. All students are encouraged to explore challenging career opportunities at our WORKAHOLIC web-site!

Nowadays it is very common and convenient to find a job via the net. Realizing this tendency we have included a Job Search page where job seekers can see job openings and vacancies all over Ukraine.

If you have found a suitable job for yourself, you need to think of a job package to bring with you for your interview. Job Package section teaches you how to prepare a resume and a cover letter and how to look your best at the interview.

The Programs section is for those students who seek opportunities to study or work abroad. It provides links to a number of the most popular sites which will help you to find a suitable exchange program to meet your needs.

We constantly update this list of the hottest want-to-find-a-job sites so, please, visit us regularly!

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